About Us

NW Wind & Solar is a division of SME, Inc. of Seattle, a leading electrical contractor with over four decades of expertise and vast experience with home, commercial, and industrial electrical systems, including primary electric service, wiring, and electrical generator systems for Homes and Industry (License # SMEINS*066DB).

At NW Wind & Solar, our goal is to help you reduce your dependence on nonrenewable energy sources and start achieving sustainability in your business or home. Our business is helping you make choices that are good for the environment and right for your home or business.

Eric Russell

Solar Lead Foreman and Journeyman Electrician
Meet Our Team

NW Wind & Solar offers:

  • A staff of renewable energy experts to guide you through the process of implementing effective, user-friendly solar power or wind energy systems
  • A professional in-house engineering staff to design your renewable energy systems to meet your specific needs
  • Skilled, experienced, certified, and licensed installation experts
  • A full ten-year warranty on our work — one of the best in the industry.

At NW Wind & Solar, we believe in renewable energy. We have several LEED accredited professionals on staff. We integrate recycling, renewable energy, and employee commuting benefits into our work. We have installed both a solar energy system and a wind power generator at our main office. Our belief in the importance of sustainable business practices extends to our own operations.

Awards & Accolades

NW Wind & Solar strives to provide the highest levels of quality and professionalism. Here is a sampling of the recognition we've received to that end:

2013 ABC Eagle Merit Award (a first for a subcontractor) and the Award for Excellence in Construction

Specialty Construction Category for The Bullitt Center 244 kW Solar Installation

2012 ABC Excellence in Construction Award

Alternative Energy for zHome 72.24 kW Solar Installation

2011 ABC Excellence in Construction Award

Honorable Mention for CITC 5.2 kW Solar Installation